A Video Interview with our Apprentice’s Millie and Cleave

We are very proud of our brand new Black & White apprenticeship programme. To learn more from people themselves, we sat down with Millie and Cleave, two of our apprentices, to hear their perspectives on apprenticeships at Black & White…

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to get much needed young blood into our industry, here’s what our Commercial Director Damien Druce had to say:

“With our roots in the Bath and Bristol area we want to support our local economy, give young people a route into the finance world and train them in all aspects of our business.

National Apprenticeship Week’s theme this year is about building the future and that is exactly what we are setting out to do with our apprentices.

Not only do we gain from having enthusiastic young starters, who are keen to learn but they also join us with no preconceptions and are therefore open to learning and adopting our culture of transparency in everything we do.”

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