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We are Black & White Bridging, the architects of truly transparent lending with no grey areas…

From a small team based in Bath to a national lender, we are here to make the lending market Black & White. Putting the power back into the hands of intermediaries with a crystal clear deal process, and simply focusing on great customer service to build long-term partnerships.  


Dedicated lending managers, with total deal transparency.​

Black & White Bridging means exactly what it says. The deals are what they seem, with lending managers always available to make sure you are always crystal clear on how your deal is progressing.

With No Grey Areas

No hurdles, no hidden surprises. Simple effective lending.

How many times have you seen an advertised rate that’s near impossible to actually achieve, or been stung with unexpected changes as a deal progresses? No grey areas means no hidden surprises.

The History of Black & White Bridging

June, 2013
Bath & West Finance starts trading
Our journey starts from humble beginnings in Bath, industry veteran Martyn Smith starts Bath & West Finance, a small lender with a focus on great customer service and long-term relationships.
June, 2013
July, 2018
Bath & West reaches 100 completed loans.
Bath & West completes its 100th loan for a development based in Taunton. A huge moment as its small team begins to enter a period of real growth, with many new faces and the development of the improved office.
July, 2018
April, 2021
Introducing Black & White Bridging.
In April of 2021 Damien Druce joins the team and spearheads the evolution of the new brand, Black & White Bridging. With a heartfelt nod to what came before Black & White is based on the same great service - but begins to ramp things up, pushing for true transparency in the industry and becoming a national lender.
April, 2021
Sept, 2021
200th loan completed
In September of 2021, we completed our 200th loan on a buy to let property in South London. Marking another important milestone as we continue to grow and build long term relationships with intermediaries.
Sept, 2021
Feb, 2024
300th loan completed
In February, we completed our 300th loan which was a second charge on a residential property to fund the purchase of a Buy-To-Let property at auction. We utilised an Automated Valuation Model to complete the timely transaction.
Feb, 2024

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