A history of successful capital management with Black & White.

One of the central pillars of success at Black & White is our superb capital management.

We pride ourselves on our astute investing, in finding the right balance of risk to reward, and being able to present you a cohesive investment strategy that you completely understand, including what you stand to gain as well as the risks and securities involved.

We approach every investment opportunity looking for the solution that provides the best risk-adjusted returns to all parties in order to build long term mutually beneficial relationships.

A proven track record. 

Since inception in March 2013, across all our lending we are delighted to have achieved a capital and interest loss rate of 0% for our investors.

While there are always dangers, we structure our deals in a way that we are comfortable with and in the unlikely event that recovery is required that our investors are always covered. We achieve this through diligent underwriting and negotiating terms with our borrowers.

And, as a result of our “no grey areas” philosophy, we aren’t hesitant to decline offers that aren’t a good fit for us.

We’ve also created an amazing loan book in a short amount of time, with the capacity to fund 400+ new houses and over £118 million in loans in total.

Total lent to borrowers
£ 0 m+
New homes funded or refurbished by our lending
0 +
Deals completed
Loss of investor capital & interest
100 %

Frequently asked questions

The simple answer for this is that we have underwritten all of our deals to date at significant headroom in value such that even if we have take possession of the asset the remaining recovery is sufficient to pay back our investors, in full. We fully intend to continue this way.

Under our standard model we offer all our investors sub-charges to the loans we underwrite. This gives the investors full transparency of exactly where your money has been utilised against.

Not at all, we appreciate that some of our investors only have appetite for bridging finance, whereas others find development finance appealing. Once we know exactly what your appetite is we will present transactions that align with those preferences.

In short we start at 5% for our lowest risk transactions, for instance a 50% LTV (loan to value) residential bridge; however, we go as high as 8% for developments or higher LTVs, which we cap out at 80%.

None at all. The coupon you are quoted is the amount you receive and we do not charge you any asset management or finders fees.

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Investment opportunities available from Black & White Bridging are exclusively targeted at exempt investors who are experienced, knowledgeable and sophisticated enough to sufficiently understand the risks involved, and who are able to make their own decisions about the suitability of our investment opportunities. Only investors who qualify as Self-Certified Sophisticated, High Net Worth or Professional investors will be eligible to invest and receive investment opportunities. All investors should seek an independent professional investment and tax advice before deciding to invest.