Every day is a school day

Every day is a school day, is one phrase that I passionately believe in. Anyone who says they do not learn something new, no matter how trivial it maybe is telling porkie pies.

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day, which is a fantastic day, steeped in history, which I knew very little about, until I conducted a company post. So, on that basis, what else have I learnt this week?


A friend of mine came back from a weekend trip to Brussels, where he discovered public transport is free on a Sunday. Not only free, but they also have a mystery bus, where only the driver knows where it is going. You hop on and end up in some random place you wouldn’t normally see. So, himself and the better half ended up having some fabulous food and drink in a non-tourist area, they would have otherwise missed. 


 Did you know, there is a gas field in the Netherlands which so mahoosive, it would cover all of European’s gas requirements that we relied upon from Russia? It is in fact, one of the biggest in the world, but we are unable to use its full potential and is in the process of being wound down.

According to the article by Bloomberg, it has the capacity, but due to risk of seismic activity and the damage caused to properties in the area, has forced them to close the field.

In the evening, Chelsea discovered they have the ability of scoring more than one goal in a match. The first time since last December.


  • International Women’s Day originated over 100 years ago
  • The UN officially adopted the day in 1975
  • A public holiday in dozens of countries
  • Each year has an official theme. 2023 is embrace equity
  • In some countries, it is a combined day with Mother’s Day

To be honest, I was truly astonished by the top two, but was fascinating to read the history and to get a better understanding of how it became what it is today. I will not be around for another 100 years, but the strides that are being made now are fantastic and can only imagine how different it will be then.


In a random conversation with a doctor in a Leicestershire hospital, I was informed that Elon Musk was not the founder of Tesla and was formed by two other individuals, with Musk investing a few years later. One Google search later and a brief read on Wikipedia; he was spot on. I still believe Musk is a few fries short of a happy meal and is more dangerous than genius.


 I am not the most religious of chaps, but when it was suggested, we have fish this evening for dinner, I was intrigued as to why fish is commonly eaten on a Friday. Apparently, it follows on from Good Friday, where both Catholics and Christians refrain from eating meat, so instead eat fish and the tradition has stuck.


 I could have written the whole blog about lending because working for a lender for the first time, I am learning new things every day. This is helped immensely when surrounded by experienced people like Damien, Optimistic Oli (not related to the late Mystic Meg, who passed away this week) Martyn and Naeem.

None of them get annoyed by questions I have and are always willing to assist. Listening to them in both management and external meetings, demonstrates the true breadth of knowledge and experience they have between them, making my role easier and more enjoyable.

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