Time Flies

How on earth has the first quarter passed already? It is insane. Not just in terms of time, but what has occurred since the year started. In my latest blog, I look back at the last three months at some of the big events of the year so far.

Banking Woes

Let’s start with a big one, the so-called banking crisis. Credit Suisse was hounded into a marriage of convenience with its Swiss counterpart, UBS. Silly Valley Bank (obviously I’m referring to Silicon Valley Bank) hit the buffers, with HSBC buying the UK arm for the grand total of £1. They are laughing all the way to the bank with this deal, no pun intended.

Signature Bank and Silvergate Bank were both exposed to the Cryptocurrency market and businesses that operated in this sector. I do not like Crypto and believe it should be regulated, and to the hilt, to protect consumers. There are hundreds if not thousands of them and anyone can create one. Blockchain technology on the other hand is something that should be embraced, but that is a separate topic.


The first full budget by the incumbent at the Treasury, Jeremy Hunt. The somewhat underwhelming statement from the Chancellor, charisma has never been Hunt’s strong point, was more focussed on placing the Conservative Party on an election footing. Completely ignoring the property sector while simultaneously increasing Corporation tax is about all I remember.

Ukraine War Turned One

Incredibly, the Ukrainian war has been raging for over a year, with no sign of receding. One of the fundamental reasons we are seeing high inflation is because of this illegal war. Unfortunately, I do not envisage this ending shortly and fear I will be writing about the second anniversary.

Teaching is Dangerous

Well, it is if you live in America. A 6-year-old boy shot his teacher with his mother’s gun. I remember reading the full story and it was clear the child had some anger issues, but this was going a bit far. But is it an isolated incident? Not according to the stats below.

Whilst 21 Americans being killed by armed toddlers is a shocking statistic, I am struggling to understand how a whopping 737 are killed by falling out of bed. How high are these beds and what do they land on? Some believe that America remains the leader of the free world, while others feel it is simply a successful failing state, I will leave that one with you…

6 Nations

Come on, you honestly didn’t think I could write a summary of Q1 without getting a rugby section in? I shall keep it short and sweet. Congratulations to Ireland for completing a Grand Slam (undefeated) for only the fourth time.


Easter, St George’s Day, the coronation of the King, Chelsea potentially hiring their third manager of the season if anyone is brave enough to take the job, the list continues… on the subject of hiring, Black & White is expanding and are recruiting a Financial Controller and an additional Lending Manager to join the Black & White engine room. If you know anyone then you can learn more at www.blackandwhitebridging.co.uk/careers.

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