UK House Price Index: January

It’s time for another House Price Index, our monthly report where we compile data from the HM Land Registry to give you a depiction of how house prices are changing over time.

January’s data has just been released, here are the highlights:

The average price of a property in the UK was


The annual price change for a property in the UK was


The monthly price change for a property in the UK was


UK house prices increased by 9.6% in the year to January 2022, down from 10.0% in December 2021. On a non-seasonally adjusted basis, average house prices in the UK increased by 0.4% between December 2021 and January 2022, down from an increase of 0.7% during the same period a year earlier (December 2020 and January 2021).

House price growth was strongest in Wales, where prices increased by 13.9% in the year to January 2022. The lowest annual growth was in London, where prices increased by 2.2% in the year to January 2022.

A break down of % price changes by UK region: 

Region / County1 Month %3 Month %6 Month %12 Month %24 Month %
South West-1.11%3.02%11.92%10.89%19.41%
East Midlands1.81%4.32%10.87%11.56%20.71%
East of England1.40%4.34%10.36%11.54%18.26%
South East0.47%3.08%9.92%11.09%17.60%
West Midlands Region1.80%2.38%3.79%8.39%14.83%

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Sources: Index data taken from Government Land Registry House Price Index – Jan 2022.

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