House Price Index Data

The Government Land registry has released its latest House Price Index figures for April 2022. 

Here are the headlines:

Average UK house price at £281,161
Annual house price inflation up to 12.4%
Monthly house price change in UK was 1.1%

Black & White’s Head of Lending, Oli Bland commented: 

It’s no secret that the property market has encountered uncertainty due to inflation, ongoing house price increases and of course rising interest rates. According to Halifax, the affordability of housing in the UK is at an all-time low. 

However, given the continued high demand, it is implausible to imagine housing prices dropping dramatically in the near future.

Without a question, our country as a whole and not only our market are going through a challenging time. However, given current lending standards and demand that won’t alter easily, a more understandable cooling rather than a “crash” is more likely to take place… the bridging space is perfectly poised to help existing property professionals increase their holdings and provide the access to capital to allow new ones to enter the market. To conclude, it’s not all doom and gloom!

Government Land Registry House Price Index – April 2022

Region / County1 Month %3 Month %6 Month %12 Month %24 Month %
South West1.90%3.34%7.79%14.10%24.21%
East Midlands-0.50%2.20%6.17%12.40%21.89%
East of England0.42%1.94%5.63%11.89%18.70%
South East-0.26%1.54%5.37%11.90%17.73%
West Midlands Region0.65%3.37%5.53%9.33%21.01%

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Sources: Index data taken from Government Land Registry House Price Index.


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