House Price Index – June 21

Aug 31, 2021

These are challenging times for property professionals and the need for short-term finance, to maximise property potential and value, has never been more important. Below we have put together a table of contents, showing the dramatic change in house prices in different regions of the UK to maximise and inspire potential new projects.
Region / County1 Month %3 Month %6 Month %12 Month %24 Month %
South East2.70%2.28%4.88%10.53%10.94%
South West5.46%3.31%6.06%13.70%16.71%
West Midlands Region1.23%1.86%4.76%10.45%12.13%
East of England4.52%4.26%6.78%12.08%13.41%
East Midlands5.06%5.13%7.73%14.28%18.13%

Sources: Land Registry House Price Index, Halifax House Price Index, Nationwide House Price Index, RICS UK Market Survey

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