UK House Price Index Figures

RICS UK reports that September has seen steadier trends in buyer demand following a drop off that came after the stamp duty expiration flurry of activity. There is now supporting expectations that the sales market will stabilise, although lack of supply remains a hurdle.

Halifax reports the following metrics in September:

Average UK property price now at record £267,587
Annual house price inflation up to 7.4%, up from 7.2%
Wales and Scotland continue to outperform the UK average

Government Land Registry House Prices Index – August 2021

Region / County1 Month %3 Month %6 Month %12 Month %24 Month %
South East1.89%3.34%4.99%8.70%10.95%
South West4.16%3.22%3.47%8.86%11.74%
West Midlands Region0.78%2.79%4.34%9.49%12.54%
East of England2.85%4.14%5.22%9.58%11.70%
East Midlands2.66%3.37%3.81%10.34%13.49%

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Sources: Index data taken from Government Land Registry House Price Index – Aug 2021, September statistics taken from Halifax House Price Index, Nationwide House Price Index, RICS UK Market Survey

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